Surgio Health and DARVIS Partner to Deliver Transformative Healthcare Solutions Through AI and Machine Learning Technology

Surgio | December 01, 2021

AI and Machine Learning Technology for Healthcare

Surgio Health, a leading healthcare software platform targeting instrument tracking and optimization solutions, has partnered with DARVIS (Data Analytic Real-World Visual Intelligence System), a pioneer in the digitization of hospital logistics, hygiene, and process documentation through AI technology. Together, the two are diving into creating innovative instrument tracking and optimization solutions utilizing optical recognition and machine learning technology.

DARVIS is a productivity as a service platform (PaaS) that digitizes objects and processes through AI-powered computer vision technology, enabling it to provide real-time analysis of environments and situations. With the use of computer vision technology, healthcare providers can now easily track objects such as surgical instruments, no matter how small. This allows for tracking and optimization down to the instrument level without the need to individually tag each item. 

Surgio Health is a software as a service platform (SaaS) that provides a fully integrated digital transformation of surgical asset management and optimization for the operating room (OR) and sterile processing department (SPD). With Surgio, facilities can easily locate surgical instruments, ensure proper sterilization steps are taken, coordinate with vendors for loaned and consigned instrument sets, and use interactive analytics to reduce costs and improve productivity.

Using DARVIS's computer vision technology, the two will be able to incorporate the use of AI tracking cameras with Surgio's innovative and in-depth tracking software. With the creation of this partnership, the OR and SPD will be able to manage and optimize their sterilization costs, staffing models, and case readiness.

"DARVIS is thrilled to join forces with Surgio to bring the next age of innovation to healthcare. Our Inventory Tracker platform adds visibility to Surgio's robust existing tracking software. The Inventory Tracker solution can track surgery kits and scopes throughout the equipment's entire lifecycle. This directly translates to immediate boosts in efficiency standards and cost savings." - Jan Schlueter, COO, DARVIS

"Surgio is very excited to partner with DARVIS for the development of transformative Artificial Intelligence through optical recognition and machine learning solutions. Together we will bring actionable data insights that provide real-time visibility and predictability of surgical equipment and staffing optimization to the OR and SPD departments." 

Chris J. Stewart, CEO, Surgio Health

Instrument level tracking becomes even easier with machine learning. Eliminating the need to tag individual instruments makes implementation painless and cost-effective for any hospital system. Surgio and DARVIS will begin by tracking endoscopes, which are often one of the most challenging—and costly—instruments to track and sterilize effectively, with undetectable bioburden frequently remaining in tough-to-clean areas. Through DARVIS's visual tracking system, Surgio can ensure that these scopes are systematically sterilized properly, without additional work being placed on employees.

Together, DARVIS and Surgio want to eliminate patient safety risks and unnecessary processing costs related to sterilization, while simplifying process and workflow for hospitals and their staff. Currently, the two companies plan to release their first partnership solution in 2022.

About Surgio

Surgio Health is a surgical instrument management technology partner for healthcare facilities and medical device manufacturers. Surgio delivers an innovative suite of solutions that drive alignment between OR, sterile processing department (SPD), surgeons, and vendors to lower costs, mitigate risk, and improve efficiencies. Our surgical instrument tracking & optimization, vendor performance management, and manufacturer & distributor asset management solutions follow HIPAA guidelines and are EHR/ERP integrated. Founded in 2015, the company is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. 


DARVIS (Data Analytic Real-World Visual Intelligence System) is a pioneer in the digitization of hospital logistics, hygiene, and process documentation through AI technology. DARVIS solutions help transform hospitals and healthcare organizations into intelligent autonomous environments that enable healthcare professionals to deliver better and safer patient-centric care. Founded in 2015, the company is based in Nashville, Tennessee. 


Philips North America CEO Greg Sebasky says the company is in a good position to compete in health care technology and lighting in the U.S. and emerging markets.


Philips North America CEO Greg Sebasky says the company is in a good position to compete in health care technology and lighting in the U.S. and emerging markets.

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