Long-Duration Ultrasound Treatment With sam® Elevates Regenerative Medicine Options for Patients

ZetrOZ Systems | December 13, 2022 | Read time : 02:00 min

Long-Duration Ultrasound

Sustained Acoustic Medicine technology, the FDA-cleared ultrasound device created by ZetrOZ Systems, continues to demonstrate its ability to relieve pain and accelerate patients' return to sports, work and other daily activities. Now, medical professionals can administer the innovative technology as a pre- and post-treatment recovery option for regenerative medicine injectable treatments such as platelet-rich plasma and other autologous cellular-based therapies.

PRP injections are safe, autologous blood products containing growth factors and cytokines with the potential to alter biological processes and support the three phases of tissue healing: inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling. PRP injections are commonly administered in the doctor's office multiple times over six to 12 months and may be painful to some patients. sam® offers a non-invasive, daily, home-use treatment option for pain and tissue remodeling, which is a powerful technology to complement PRP injections and other regenerative medicine therapies.

"Sustained acoustic medicine is a powerful mechanobiological treatment modality," said Dr. George Lewis, founder and CEO of ZetrOZ Systems. "Each treatment increases vessel diameter to boost blood flow over several hours, accelerating tissue healing and delivering a significant reduction in pain for patients. The use of ultrasound and shockwave treatment in the clinical setting to complement rehabilitation and regenerative medicine is broadly used. sam® is the first long-duration ultrasound treatment available for prescription home use."  

The use of sam® is also continuing to expand in the professional sports medicine market, with ongoing use by 75% of professional and college affiliations, including the NFL, NBA, MLS, WBNA, MLB and the ACC. ZetrOZ Systems also partners with all professional sports organizations and sports medicine providers in Atlanta, GA, and are proud supporters of the healthcare and athletic training societies of the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and MLS.

sam® treats over 35% of muscle and tendon injuries without surgery, helping elite athletes and professionals in physically demanding jobs get pain relief and natural healing. "Surgery is not always the best course of action for our athletes, and sam® technology offers a pathway to recovery without invasive surgery that can have risks and implications immediately or in the future," Lewis said.

Ultrasound therapy continues to show promise, with more than 40 peer-reviewed studies showing that sam® offers faster healing after injury or surgery. These findings can empower care providers to offer this easy-to-use regenerative device that leads to better outcomes, happier patients, and lowers healthcare system costs. The technology can serve as a standalone treatment or adjunct to other treatment options for patients to stimulate soft-tissue repair. 

About ZetrOZ Systems
ZetrOZ Systems is leading healing innovation in sports medicine, developing wearable bioelectronic devices for the delivery of sustained acoustic medicine (sam®). Researched and funded by the federal government, ZetrOZ is built on proprietary medical technology of +46 patents. The exclusive manufacturer and developer of the sam® product line is designed for the treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.


Efficient supply chain and inventory management based on GS1 standards creates visibility, ensures the required inventory levels, and can reduce waste.


Efficient supply chain and inventory management based on GS1 standards creates visibility, ensures the required inventory levels, and can reduce waste.

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