Innovaccer and UpStream Healthcare Expand Partnership to Enhance Senior Care

UpStream | January 27, 2023 | Read time : 02:19 min

Innovaccer and UpStream Healthcare Expand Partnership to

On January 26, 2023, Innovaccer, Inc., a data platform for healthcare, announced that it had entered a multiyear partnership with UpStream Healthcare, a value-based primary healthcare provider solution. This partnership entails UpStream more than doubling its population on Innovaccer's cloud-native platform in the coming year, scaling its exceptional value-based care model across the U.S.

In April 2022, Innovaccer announced that UpStream Healthcare had selected the Innovaccer Health Cloud, Application Suite and Data Activation Platform to speed up its mission to transform senior healthcare with a full-risk model that improves outcomes, health equity, and care costs. Medicare and Medicare Advantage members on the UpStream platform have a 20-30% lower total cost of care and a 4.5-star quality rating.

The company's platform physically embeds a pharmacist-led care team in every primary care physician's office and nurses who visit Medicare-eligible seniors at home. Adding to the point-of-care clinicians, other team members will close any clinical and quality gaps to care for all seniors in full-risk financial agreements.

UpStream's clinical partners range from small independent primary care practices to IPAs, with two health systems and two ACO REACH entities supported. The company's data, analytics, and population health technology must scale quickly and cost-effectively to meet growing national demand. The company's platform, powered by Innovaccer Health Cloud, seamlessly integrates with EHRs of new providers and other healthcare IT. As a result, providers can easily access integrated workflows, unified patient records, and point-of-care analytics to deliver high-quality, low-cost care.

The expanded partnership follows UpStream's $140 million Series B round, raised to scale its value-based care model across the nation. Since 2018, UpStream has grown to serve over 180,000 Medicare patients and 1,000 primary care physicians in three states.

About Innovaccer

A California-based health cloud company, Innovaccer Inc., accelerates healthcare innovation. The Innovaccer Health Cloud unifies patient data across systems and care settings, enabling healthcare organizations to develop modern, scalable applications that improve clinical, operational, and financial outcomes. Over 1,600 U.S. care settings use Innovaccer solutions, empowering more than 96,000 providers to transform care delivery and collaborate with life sciences companies and payers. KLAS and Black Book rank Innovaccer #1 in Data and Analytics and Population Health Technology, respectively.

About UpStream

Headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, UpStream is a primary healthcare solution provider that delivers value-based care to older patients and people with chronic conditions. The company offers an all-inclusive, risk-free solution for physicians that provides, finances, and sustains better outcomes by collaborating with healthcare practices and clinics. GAP-QTM (Guaranteed Advanced Payments for Quality) is UpStream's risk-free solution for physicians. GAP-QTM benefits physicians and practices by increasing income, professional satisfaction, and patients by lowering hospitalizations, decreasing copayments, and providing better benefits.


Healthcare software development can facilitate health services, providing platforms and apps that help transform the healthcare industry. In today’s video we’ll talk about the benefits of medical software engineering.


Healthcare software development can facilitate health services, providing platforms and apps that help transform the healthcare industry. In today’s video we’ll talk about the benefits of medical software engineering.

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