Forescout Acquires CyberMDX to Expand Healthcare Cybersecurity Focus

Forescout Technologies | February 02, 2022

Forescout Technologies, the leader in Active Defense for the Enterprise of Things, today announced its acquisition of CyberMDX, a leading healthcare cybersecurity provider delivering visibility and threat prevention for medical devices and clinical networks. The acquisition further strengthens Forescout’s position as the industry leader in out-of-the-box support for the broadest set of connected device types across IT, IoT, OT and IoMT devices.

“Forescout is seeing rapid growth in healthcare, a market the company has always focused attention on from a technology and sales perspective. Cybersecurity for IoMT, much like cybersecurity for OT devices, requires specific expertise and technologies. We are pleased to have the CyberMDX team join Forescout as we continue delivering new capabilities on our market-leading platform and grow our R&D center.”

Wael Mohamed, Chief Executive Officer of Forescout

Forescout is recognized by many of the world’s largest organizations as the leader in device visibility and control, ensuring customers can see all the devices connected to their networks, continuously and in real-time, and then take automated action to mitigate risks. CyberMDX offers a leading solution for visibility and risk management of IoMT devices. Together, Forescout and CyberMDX have a powerful platform that delivers an easy-to-use, scalable and agentless approach to device visibility, classification, threat detection and incident response focused on IoMT devices to better serve healthcare organizations.

“CyberMDX enables hospitals to provide quality care by securing and protecting the systems and devices they rely on every day to treat patients and save lives,” said Amir Magner, President and Co-Founder of CyberMDX. “We are thrilled to join the Forescout team where our innovation can continue to make a profound difference to healthcare organizations around the world.”

Broad coverage across all device types is essential as larger organizations, such as healthcare, almost always have a wide variety of device types, including IT and a rapidly expanding number of IoT devices, in addition to IoMT and OT devices. In 2018, Forescout acquired Security Matters, a leading providing of solutions for visibility and risk management for OT systems, which are also known as industrial control systems (ICS). Forescout has the largest number of deployments of OT infrastructure protection solutions globally, with major deployments in critical infrastructure sectors such as energy and utilities. Forrester recently recognized Forescout in its inaugural Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security Solutions Wave, 2021 as the top vendor for market presence for product revenue, total number of customers and deal size. CyberMDX, which was recognized as a Medical Device Security Solution Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: Connected Medical Device Security, Q2 2020, further demonstrates Forescout’s commitment to providing organizations with the most comprehensive solution across all device types.

Recently, Forescout announced that its platform discovered 66% more devices than originally expected at the University Health Network (UHN), a group of four hospitals in Toronto, Canada that includes The Toronto General Hospital, which Newsweek ranked in 2021 as the 4th best hospital in the world. Among many benefits, UHN is leveraging the Forescout platform to “deal with the exponential increase in the number of IoT devices and ever-increasing volume of sophisticated threats, including ransomware,” according to Kashif Parvaiz, Chief Information Security Officer, at UHN. With the addition of CyberMDX’s solution, Forescout customers will be able to gain deeper visibility and risk management of their IoMT and medical devices.

Over the past 20 years, Forescout has built unique strength in device intelligence and network fabric technology for device discovery and classification. The company’s Device Cloud database contains over 15 million device fingerprints and ensures Forescout's customers automatically receive highly specific, out-of-the-box device classification capabilities from the Forescout platform for millions of different types of devices.

About Forescout
Forescout Technologies, Inc. actively defends the Enterprise of Things by identifying, segmenting and enforcing compliance of every connected thing. Fortune 1000 companies trust Forescout as it provides one of the most widely deployed, enterprise-class platforms at scale across IT, IoT, OT and IoMT managed and unmanaged devices. Forescout arms customers with extensive device intelligence, data and policies to allow organizations across every industry to accurately classify risk, detect anomalies and quickly remediate cyberthreats without disruption of critical business assets. Don’t just see it. Secure it.


The most common uses of mobile health technologies will shift over the next five years as technological advances catch up to the personal and professional health needs and demands of patients, payers and providers. That's the consensus of 144 health care executives surveyed by The Economist Intelligence Unit, a market forecasting and analysis business unit of The Economist. The executives predict that the most common function of mobile health technologies will flip from providing education and information now to enabling patients to proactively participate in their own care five years from now. The infographic below illustrates some of the survey's major findings.


The most common uses of mobile health technologies will shift over the next five years as technological advances catch up to the personal and professional health needs and demands of patients, payers and providers. That's the consensus of 144 health care executives surveyed by The Economist Intelligence Unit, a market forecasting and analysis business unit of The Economist. The executives predict that the most common function of mobile health technologies will flip from providing education and information now to enabling patients to proactively participate in their own care five years from now. The infographic below illustrates some of the survey's major findings.

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RLDatix Completes Acquisition of Allocate Software

RLDatix | September 23, 2021

RLDatix, the international leader in governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions for healthcare, announced today the completion of the acquisition of UK-based Allocate Software (“Allocate”), a leading provider of human capital management solutions that help healthcare organisations deliver safe and effective care. The acquisition was previously announced on June 28th, 2021. With the completion of this acquisition, RLDatix cements its position as the global innovator in healthcare GRC, combining its industry leading patient safety, risk, compliance and provider management capabilities with Allocate’s leading workforce management solutions. It also further accelerates Applied Safety IntelligenceTM, the company’s strategy to shift healthcare from reactive risk management to proactive prevention. We’re thrilled to complete the acquisition of Allocate and start the next chapter of our exciting journey together. Covid-19 has reminded us that patient, workforce and organisational safety are inextricably linked, as burnout, well-being of care-givers and overall resilience are challenges felt by healthcare providers around the world. With the acquisition of Allocate, RLDatix is well positioned to continue delivering innovative, scaled and needed solutions that link healthcare GRC and workforce management. Combined, we will make healthcare safer. Jeff Surges, CEO, RLDatix We have always understood the link between patient safety, the welfare of staff and workforce technology and are very excited to join forces with RLDatix. With increasing demand for care and the ongoing clinician shortage being faced in healthcare we fully expect to positively impact both staff welfare and patient outcomes. We will be able to ensure that resources are planned, supported and truly underpinned by patient safety and quality. Nick Wilson, CEO, Allocate Software “The combination of RLDatix and Allocate creates an organisation of significant global scale that is poised to drive innovation in healthcare for years to come,” said Vivek Kumar, Partner at Five Arrows Principal Investments. “We look forward to supporting Jeff and his team in this exciting next phase of the company’s growth.” “RLDatix and Allocate are integral to some of the world’s largest healthcare organisations,” added Reid Perper, CIO, Five Arrows Capital Partners. “This combination is uniquely positioned to deliver continued growth while unlocking exciting new opportunities that will benefit customers around the world.” “It has been a pleasure working with RLDatix over the past three years to scale the business through organic and acquisitive growth, helping to solidify its position as a global leader in GRC,” said Naveen Wadhera, Managing Director at TA. “As we continue our partnership, we believe RLDatix and Allocate’s collective learnings and best practices will strengthen the combined company’s competitive positioning and help healthcare organisations around the world provide safer, higher quality, and more efficient care,” added Ethan Liebermann, Managing Director at TA. Each month, 1.2 million staff utilise Allocate solutions to manage their working lives, over 1.4 million temporary staff shifts are filled and over 8 million hours of nursing care is redeployed for safety-related purposes. Worldwide, millions of people are protected by RLDatix software as they navigate the healthcare system, and as organisations shift towards high reliability, the company’s expanding solution set will provide the data and analytics that drive actionable insights and overall improvement. Together, RLDatix and Allocate will be better able to support strategic initiatives across human capital management, patient & health worker safety, and other healthcare operations critical to driving safer, better care for all. About RLDatix RLDatix is on a mission to change healthcare. We help organisations drive safer, more efficient care by providing governance, risk and compliance tools that drive overall improvement and safety. Our suite of cloud-based software helps organisations report on adverse events, reduce healthcare-acquired infections and ensure patient safety learnings are implemented across the continuum of care. With more than 5,000 customers over 20 countries, RLDatix software protects hundreds of millions of patients around the world. RLDatix is controlled by Five Arrows and TA Associates as major shareholders. For more information, visit About Allocate Software Allocate Software is a leading international provider of Human Capital Management solutions, supporting the operational and administrative needs of health, care, defence and commercial sectors. In the health and care sector, Allocate is enabling the delivery of safe and effective care at optimal cost, by helping organisations to have the right people in the right place at the right time. With over 800 clients and over two million staff rostered daily, Allocate serves the largest public and private sector institutions around the world. Allocate Software is headquartered in the United Kingdom, with nearly 700 employees, including over 200 in research, development, and product management functions. It provides services and support to its international customer base through regional offices in the UK, Sweden, Germany and Australia. For more information, visit About Five Arrows Five Arrows Principal Investments (FAPI) and Five Arrows Capital Partners (FACP), together “Five Arrows”, are part of the corporate private equity arm of Rothschild & Co’s Merchant Banking business which manages over €17 billion. Five Arrows is focused on investing in middle-market companies with highly defensible market positions; strong management teams; business models with high visibility of organic unit volume growth and strong free cash flow conversion; and multiple operational levers that can be used to unlock latent value. Sectors are limited to data and software, technology-enabled business services and healthcare.

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Signify Health Acquires PatientBlox

Signify Health | November 27, 2020

Signify Health, a main supplier of innovation empowered medical services arrangements intended to keep individuals solid and cheerful at home has gained PatientBlox, an Atlanta-based innovation organization with profound aptitude in applying disseminated record innovation in medical care. The securing quickens Signify's imminent supplier installment abilities for scenes of care, supporting the organization's duty to propel esteem based consideration through novel installment and danger courses of action. Monetary subtleties of the procurement were not revealed. Acquisition Will Accelerate Prospective Episode of Care Payment Models The expansion of blockchain innovation empowers a further move away from customary charge for-administration models. By making installments to suppliers toward the beginning of the scene, suppliers are boosted to drive care upgrade on the grounds that there is shared estimation and responsibility at each progression of the cycle, which brings about improved consideration coordination, results, and cost reserve funds. A scene of care is a medical services occasion — a condition or a therapy — that is set apart by an arrangement of collaborations between a patient and suppliers. The blockchain can catch every one of those cooperations and the patient's consideration achievements that trigger installments. The PatientBlox stage is intended to deal with these exchanges without depending on expense for-administration claims. PatientBlox Integration Offers Payers/Providers Array of Payment Options As a feature of the procurement, Signify will incorporate the PatientBlox innovation into its all around strong and adaptable worth based consideration stage, which upholds $6B in medical services go through every year connected with the national government's packaged installment program, BPCI-A, and scenes of care installment programs by wellbeing plans and managers. The exclusive PatientBlox innovation is worked for-reason and exceptionally secure, empowering usefulness that encourages agreement and installment organization under an imminent installment model. Under its extended stage, Signify will offer payers and suppliers an assorted cluster of installment choices to meet them where they are in their worth based consideration venture. “We combined our team’s healthcare, fintech, and supply chain experience with machine-learning and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to build the PatientBlox platform for administration and management of prospective bundles,” said PatientBlox Co-Founder and CEO Rahul Sharma. “Our DLT based platform enables collaboration between Healthcare Payers and Providers and provides real time data synchronization across entities thus enabling rapid scaling of prospective bundled payment programs. We are excited to work with Kyle and the Signify team and are proud to have the novel technology developed by the PatientBlox team be part of Signify’s leading platform, which is already driving real change in the healthcare industry.” About Signify Health Signify Health exists to drive more healthy, happy days at home. That’s why we’re committed to accelerating the movement to value-based care, transforming how care is paid for and delivered, and sharing accountability for driving better outcomes for the individuals and families we all serve.

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Telli Health Delivers World's First 4G Cellular-Connected SPO2 Pulse Oximeter for COVID-19 Patients

Telli Health | December 21, 2021

Telli Health today announced the delivery of the first FDA certified and approved 4G cellular-connected SpO2 pulse oximeter, addressing the unprecedented demand seen during the pandemic for remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices, particularly SpO2 pulse oximeter, to track COVID-19 patients. The pulse oximeter rounds out Telli Health's complete 4G package to measure and detect common physiological parameters. These devices also include a touchless thermometer, blood pressure monitor, blood glucometer, and weight scale, and serve as a complete COVID-19 kit to monitor pre- and post-discharged patients without any additional equipment required. Patient data is automatically transmitted directly into their existing health record and are available to their provider immediately, all from the comfort and safety of their home. Telli Health's Cellular SpO2 pulse oximeter, along with its other RPM devices, are valuable as an alternative to COVID-19 hospital admissions - they help reduce the spread of the virus and help free up hospital space for other emergencies, altogether improving healthcare delivery. "The pulse oximeter is the main device used to monitor COVID patients, so I am thrilled that our 4G cellular-connected SpO2 pulse oximeter is now being delivered to providers - Telli Health is responding to that demand. Providers have reported in the past that COVID patients indicated that they were feeling fine, when oxygen saturation levels were quite low. Our cellular-connected SpO2 pulse oximeter will alert providers of a problem and give them ample time to act accordingly. Our pulse oximeter is also significantly advantageous for its ease of use and low power requirements. This revolutionary technology will allow patients to remain at their hospital-in-home to recover in a familiar place in lieu of a traditional hospital room." Telli Health Director of Product Support Alvaro Salgado Telli Health devices use SIM technology that connects to all major carriers including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile/ Sprint, providing a solution to patients in the most rural and remote areas, improving accessibility and allowing more patients to be reached. About Telli Health Telli Health is the industry leader in medical IoT devices. Removing barriers and making medical devices easier to use and more accurate is Telli Health's number one priority. Telli Health is proud to partner with the best network providers across the globe to deliver fast and reliable coverage for the best user experience possible, no matter the location.

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