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CareView and SONIFI Health Streamline Inpatient Virtual Care

CareView and SONIFI Health

CareView Communications, Inc., an IT company in the healthcare field, recently announced that it has built an integration with SONIFI Health that allows care teams to talk to patients through the interactive TV platforms that are already present in patient rooms.

To create a patient-centric, networked virtual care system, CareView is integrating with SONIFI Health, which provides interactive technology to promote patient involvement. A hub-and-spoke telecare model spanning a system of hospitals is centered on a fully-integrated CareView Patient Monitoring System®-enabled virtual care command center. This virtual care system creates a scalable, flexible workforce that keeps patients interested and meets their needs. It also gives nurses a break by using virtual staff to take care of patients' needs immediately and do administrative work that doesn't require a license.

Using the CareView-SONIFI Health integration, doctors may make video calls to patients' homes without leaving the EHR interface. This crucial component also supports virtual nursing, hybrid care, and telemedicine to reduce staff burdens and increase caregiver access.

CareView Chief Operating Officer Sandra McRee stated, "Hospitals are facing unprecedented labor challenges and margin pressures." She added, "Integrating our interactive platform with healthcare technologies like SONIFI Health is key to creating a scalable and effective solution for virtual nursing to reduce labor costs and keep nurses working at the top of their license."

(Source – Business Wire)

Kelly Boyd, SONIFI Health General Manager, remarked, "CareView truly understands the challenges hospitals are facing today."

"Integrating their virtual care solution is a great complement to SONIFI Health's interactive platform in creating smart hospital rooms with features both patients and clinicians increasingly expect and need," she continued.

(Source – Business Wire)

About CareView Communications

CareView Communications provides cutting-edge remote monitoring systems and innovative telehealth services for patients. In addition, the company implements the most advanced and helpful patient monitoring and engagement components. Its clinically-driven solution is meant to make a product that is helpful for healthcare providers, patients, their families, hospitals, and nursing home staff.




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