Body Vision Medical's Lungvision™ Validated by Xoran Technologies' Tron™ System

Body Vision Medical | February 15, 2023 | Read time : 02:00 min

Body Vision Medical's

Body Vision Medical, a leading AI-driven, intraoperative CT imaging provider, and Xoran Technologies, an innovator in low-dose, point-of-care CT systems, recently announced the successful validation of Body Vision's LungVisionTM system with Xoran's TRONTM system.

The LungVisionTM system from Body Vision uses artificial intelligence (AI) to convert X-ray images from any C-arm into intraoperative, real-time CT scans. This enables bronchoscopists to obtain biopsies from smaller, harder-to-access lung lesions at an earlier stage, thereby improving lung cancer patients' chances of early diagnosis and survival.

TRONTM is a mobile, full-body fluoroscopy, computed tomography (CT) X-ray system created to provide safe, ultra-high-resolution, low-dose imaging directly in point-of-care settings, including the surgery center, operating room, and critical care units, thus avoiding risky patient transport to Radiology for CT imaging, and aiding minimally invasive procedures (MIS).

David Webster, CEO of Body Vision Medical, shared, "Body Vision's approach with LungVision™ is to ensure that it works with existing equipment so that we empower healthcare providers to better serve a growing population of lung patients without ballooning overall operating costs." He added, "While our rapidly growing installed base is real-world evidence that our technology integrates seamlessly with any 2D/3D X-ray imaging system, for customers seeking added assurance, this formal validation of Xoran TRON™ for use with LungVision™ is one of several steps we are proactively taking to ensure consistency in system performance regardless of setup."

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About Body Vision

Body Vision Medical is a commercial-stage medical device company founded in 2014 and based in Campbell, California. It specializes in real-time, intraoperative imaging powered by artificial intelligence. LungVisionTM, the company's first commercial product, addresses the unmet clinical requirement for early, definitive lung cancer diagnosis and, in the future, will enable minimally invasive treatment of lung lesions. In addition, the company continues to establish a new standard of care for lung diagnostics through the ongoing collaboration of physicians, clinical experts, and engineers with diverse backgrounds.



Watch this video and find out how Google Cloud can help healthcare organizations accelerate innovation by enhancing care through new digital experiences, using insights to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes, and advancing research, drug discovery, and distribution at scale.


Watch this video and find out how Google Cloud can help healthcare organizations accelerate innovation by enhancing care through new digital experiences, using insights to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes, and advancing research, drug discovery, and distribution at scale.

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