Blue Health Intelligence Collaborates with AnalyticsIQ to Better Understand the National Health Disparities

Blue Health Intelligence | May 04, 2021

Blue Health Intelligence® (BHI®) declared today a partnership with AnalyticsIQ to expand BHI's rich healthcare information with race and nationality data. The partnership will add 13 identity and language-related information components to BHI's huge, longitudinal database of medical and pharmacy claims for a great many special Americans to grow public investigation and covering health variations. 

Coronavirus's unbalanced effect has uncovered long-standing healthcare disparities. Governments and strategy bodies have dispatched new drives requiring or urging partners to all the more likely location fundamental social determinants of health (SDOH) when planning and conveying administrations. 

"We are eager to work with AnalyticsIQ," said Swati Abbott, CEO of BHI. "By safely connecting AnalyticsIQ's identity and language-related information with BHI's tremendous public cases informational index at a part level, BHI and AnalyticsIQ will want to analyze healthcare access, diverse consideration measurements, and results across different ethnic populaces. This capacity will empower us to help key healthcare partners fill in missing data expected to deliver exceptionally exact and versatile bits of knowledge. When combined with BHI's current SDOH information and patent-forthcoming prescient and prescriptive models, BHI can likewise additionally uphold healthcare program enhancements, exploration, and local area partnerships." 

"We are excited to band together with BHI in its work to improve health results across the U.S.," said Dave Kelly, CEO of AnalyticsIQ. "The requirement for and utilization of solid information and analytics has detonated in the healthcare business on account of its capacity to permit health plans, suppliers, and managers to learn and act rapidly on improving the existences of people and patients, everything being equal. We are glad to help work with the basic experiences expected to get this going." 

Both BHI and AnalyticsIQ are essential for the Datavant environment. Datavant's innovation de-recognizes healthcare information, eliminating distinguishing data while as yet empowering information to be connected to other informational collections. This ensures patient security while as yet taking into consideration progressed analytics. 

About Blue Health Intelligence 

Blue Health Intelligence® (BHI®) is one of the country's transcendent healthcare information convenors. Our information-driven bits of knowledge enable healthcare associations to improve care, diminish costs, and streamline execution. BHI's group of information investigators, clinicians, IT specialists, and business pioneers give analytics, programming as-a-administration, and top to bottom counseling to payers, suppliers, managers, medical gadget organizations, and other healthcare partners. BHI is an autonomous licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and conveys the business trademark of Health Intelligence Company, LLC. 

About AnalyticsIQ 

AnalyticsIQ is the main prescient analytics and promoting information trailblazer. We are the main information organization to reliably mix intellectual brain research with refined information science to help B2C and B2B advertisers see how and why people settle on choices whether or not they are at home or work. Our precise and extensive PeopleCore and BusinessCore databases give unmatched experiences to publicists, organizations innovation organizations, and healthcare suppliers. AnalyticsIQ information helps blue-chip brands fuel customized encounters across channels including post-office-based mail, email, on the web, versatile, and TV. 

About Datavant 

Datavant's main goal is to associate the world's health information to improve patient results. Datavant attempts to lessen the erosion of information sharing across the healthcare business by building innovation that secures the protection of patients while supporting the linkage of de-recognized patient records across datasets. Datavant is settled in San Francisco.


Many healthcare organizations struggle with delayed patient care, frustrated providers, and potential HIPAA breaches as a result of their outdated paging systems. Read this paper to: Learn about the reality of the declining wireless paging market, Gain a comprehensive comparison of wireless paging and secure messaging services, Create a business case for replacing pagers within your healthcare organization...


Many healthcare organizations struggle with delayed patient care, frustrated providers, and potential HIPAA breaches as a result of their outdated paging systems. Read this paper to: Learn about the reality of the declining wireless paging market, Gain a comprehensive comparison of wireless paging and secure messaging services, Create a business case for replacing pagers within your healthcare organization...

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HealthRhythms and UCHealth partner to bring AI-based, Predictive Mental Health Platform to Millions of Patients

HealthRhythms | February 07, 2022

HealthRhythms, a digital mental health startup that seeks to become the behavioral health intelligence layer across all of healthcare, today announced a partnership with UCHealth to scale the benefits of its groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) -based digital platform to millions of patients. UCHealth is aColorado-based health care system that serves 2.3 million patients. The HealthRhythms' app uses smartphone sensors like an accelerometer to passively measure behavior relevant to mental health, and leverages AI to assess an individual's mental health status. It then uses that information to deliver personalized, timely interventions to improve mental health — sent directly to the patient's smartphone. This helps solve the universal problems of patient monitoring and early detection, enabling providers to effectively triage and treat patients across the risk continuum. "Partnering with UCHealth is a significant milestone in our commitment to transforming mental health care. HealthRhythms is the only company fully addressing this problem through valid measurement, high fidelity prediction and a highly personalized digital intervention platform that can be scaled to hundreds of millions of patients." HealthRhythms' CEOPaul Gilbert "The current health landscape is characterized by poor access to timely, high-quality mental health care. HealthRhythms' groundbreaking predictive analytics are unique and steeped in rigorous research," saidNeill Epperson, MD, chair of the University of Colorado Department of Psychiatry at theUniversity of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus."Widespread utilization of HealthRhythms' technology will transform how we care for patients with mental health concerns." "Patients with complex medical conditions like heart disease commonly also have complex mental health challenges. It is impossible to appropriately treat these patients without addressing all of the issues contributing to their health," said Dr.Richard Zane, chief innovation officer at UCHealth and chair of emergency medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. "The real breakthrough with HealthRhythms is that it allows all types of providers across all specialties to integrate behavioral health into their care without needing to be mental health experts." "Our vision is to have HealthRhythms on the phone of every patient who consents to it across the entire UCHealth system," saidKimberly A. Muller, executive director ofCU Innovations,a strategic healthcare fund affiliated with theUniversity of ColoradoAnschutz Medical Campus. "We recognize that mental health is, in fact, health. Addressing mental health is essential to everything we are looking to do for care integration. We believe HealthRhythms' data and insights will change the face of care." UCHealth, a nationally-recognized academic health system with 12 hospitals and hundreds of clinic locations is focused on improving access to behavioral health care throughoutColorado,WyomingandNebraska. By diagnosing behavioral health concerns at earlier stages, and by providing timely intervention, HealthRhythms improves all patients' lives, especially those with serious chronic diseases. HealthRhythms also announced the close of a highly oversubscribed$11 millionseed round led by GSR Ventures and investorBrook Byers, founding member ofKleiner Perkins Caufield& Byers. "This investor syndicate of 44 health tech leaders is one of the most accomplished, networked, and powerful I've ever seen," said Byers. "Securing this broad support behind HealthRhythms' world-class team for an important behavioral health mission is an awesome force multiplier." Dr.Sunny Kumar, a partner at GSR, will join the HealthRhythms Board of Directors. "Over the years, GSR has met with several hundred mental health companies, but HealthRhythms is one of the very few in which we have invested," said Dr. Kumar. "HealthRhythms is different because it addresses the core challenge in mental health care: improving both access and quality - the Holy Grail dimensions of mental healthcare - while enabling providers to deploy resources across a much broader population. The improvement in depression management that the company has demonstrated is a game changer, unmatched by virtually any available digital therapeutic that I'm aware of. The company's groundbreaking approach is rooted in a deep understanding of mental health and how to design digital experiences that are personally meaningful and easily woven into daily life." The HealthRhythms platform leverages over 40 years of laboratory and clinical research by HealthRhythms' co-founders who are regarded as pioneers and field leaders in the understanding of the causes and treatment of mental disorders. About HealthRhythms HealthRhythms is on a mission to become the behavioral health intelligence layer across all of healthcare and pharma. By capturing critical behavioral information — from social engagement to sleep/wake regulation to physical activity patterns — HealthRhythms provides a continuous, objective picture of individuals' behavioral health in their everyday environment, along with clinically-actionable insights about those behaviors. Pioneered by a team of successful startup founders and internationally-recognized leaders in tech, business, and medicine, HealthRhythms will redefine how mental health is understood and managed. About UCHealth UCHealth is an innovative, nonprofit health system that delivers the highest quality medical care with an excellent patient experience. UCHealthincludes 26,000 employees, 12 acute-care full-service hospitals and thousands of physicians acrossColorado, southernWyomingand westernNebraska. WithUniversity of Colorado Hospitalon the CU Ansxhutz Medical Campusas its academic anchor and the only adult academic medical center in the region, UCHealth is dedicated to providing unmatched patient care in the Rocky Mountain West. Offering more than 150 clinic locations, UCHealth pushes the boundaries of medicine, providing advanced treatments and clinical trials and improving health through innovation. About GSR Ventures GSR Ventures is an early-stage investor in technology companies developing AI-enabled healthcare technology, enterprise software, and consumer platforms.The Palo-Alto based GSR team includes founders, physicians and enterprise executives with unmatched industry expertise. Founded in 2004, the firm has more than$3 billionunder management. In addition to HealthRhythms, the U.S. portfolio includes Medable, Deep6 AI, Kinsa and AppliedVR.

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Apollo Medical Holdings, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Value-Based Care Technology Platform Orma Health

Apollo Medical Holdings, Inc. | January 28, 2022

Apollo Medical Holdings, Inc. ("ApolloMed," and together with its subsidiaries and affiliated entities, the "Company"), a leading physician-centric, technology-powered healthcare company focused on enabling providers in the successful delivery of value-based care, today announced that it has acquired 100% of the fully diluted capitalization of Orma Health, Inc., and Provider Growth Solutions LLC (together, "Orma Health") in accordance with an agreement between ApolloMed, Orma Health and certain equity holders of Orma Health. Founded in 2020, Orma Health has helped many physician groups transition to and succeed in the delivery of value-based care, enabling them to focus on their passion—caring for patients. Orma Health's real-time Clinical AI platform ingests data from multiple sources and utilizes advanced risk-stratification models to identify patients for various clinical programs, including remote patient monitoring ("RPM"), mental health support, chronic disease management, and more. Its clinical platform is also deeply integrated with Orma Health's proprietary RPM ecosystem, which consists of smart health devices and a suite of technology tools to help manage patients' health. Through its suite of AI-driven solutions, Orma Health currently serves over 4,000 aligned Medicare beneficiaries in a Direct Contracting Entity ("DCE") and over 2,500 patients inCalifornia,Nevada,ArizonaandTexasthrough its RPM platform. "We are excited about integrating Orma Health's business and technological capabilities with those of ApolloMed, tapping their leadership team's experience in working with DCEs and helping risk-bearing provider groups in the delivery of value-based care as we augment our capabilities to support providers in various Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Innovation Models. We believe this acquisition will further differentiate ApolloMed's technology platform and analytic capabilities while adding complementary lines of business to our operations that serve as business development opportunities." Brandon Sim, Co-Chief Executive Officer of ApolloMed Through leveraging its proprietary technology platform and extensive value-based care experience, ApolloMed has historically demonstrated tremendous success participating in Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ("CMS") Innovation Models. The acquisition of Orma Health serves to accelerate ApolloMed's product roadmap in developing an end-to-end technology platform that enables providers to succeed in all CMS Innovation Models, including DCE. Orma Health's real-time Clinical AI and RPM technologies will also be integrated into ApolloMed's existing solutions for its managed care populations and will further enhance ApolloMed's technology and analytics offering to its 1.2 million Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid, Commercial, and ACA members nationwide. This will allow ApolloMed providers to receive an additional layer of real-time, actionable insights and continue delivering high-quality care to their patients, tailored to their membership populations. As ApolloMed looks to expand its membership and enter new geographies, there are significant business development opportunities in deepening Orma Health's relationships with existing RPM providers and patients and extending that to ApolloMed's managed care and CMS Innovation Model solutions and offerings. As part of the acquisition,Neil Ahuja, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Orma Health, will join ApolloMed as President, Provider Solutions and spearhead continued efforts to enable physicians to transition to value-based care models successfully.Yubin Park, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Orma Health, will join ApolloMed as Chief Analytics Officer and lead the continued development and integration of Orma Health's AI-driven provider enablement technology into ApolloMed's technology platform. Mr. Ahuja commented, "We are pleased to be joining ApolloMed, bringing Orma Health's core competencies in developing innovative healthcare technologies that drive tangible outcomes for providers and their patients. ApolloMed has been a leading healthcare management company with a long history of successfully and profitably empowering physicians in the delivery of value-based care, making it the perfect partner for us. We look forward to contributing our expertise to expanding ApolloMed's MSO capabilities and the potential future opportunities that lie ahead." Mr. Park added, "I am excited to begin working closely with the ApolloMed team on integrating Orma Health's technologies with that of ApolloMed. At Orma Health, we, like ApolloMed, believe that data is king. The information we gather and analyze about our members over the years is critical to our ability to deliver the best healthcare experience and outcomes for patients. We are thrilled that Orma Health is now a part of ApolloMed's worthy mission of empowering providers in delivering high-quality care and improved outcomes for its members." According to the terms of the agreement, a portion of the purchase price was paid in cash to the equity holders of Orma Health upon the closing of the transaction, another portion was paid in ApolloMed stock to the equity holders of Orma Health upon the closing of the transaction, and the remainder of the purchase price is to be paid in a combination of cash and stock to the equity holders contingent upon Orma Health achieving certain operational milestones over the 18 months after the closing. The Company will fund the transaction from cash on hand and shares of ApolloMed stock. About Apollo Medical Holdings, Inc. ApolloMed is a leading physician-centric, technology-powered, risk-bearing healthcare company. Leveraging its proprietary end-to-end technology solutions, ApolloMed operates an integrated healthcare delivery platform that enables providers to successfully participate in value-based care arrangements, thus empowering them to deliver high quality care to patients in a cost-effective manner. Headquartered inAlhambra, California, ApolloMed's subsidiaries and affiliates include management services organizations (MSOs), affiliated independent practice associations (IPAs), and a Next Generation Accountable Care Organization (NGACO).

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Medline Announces the Launch of Two Healthcare Sustainability Programs

Medline | December 03, 2020

Medline today announced two new medical care maintainability programs. The projects, a Green Product Portfolio and a Sustainable Packaging Lab, will assist medical clinics with decreasing the measure of product squander emerging from their offices. As per an ongoing industry report, the United States is the world's most noteworthy producer of medical care greenhouse gases, representing 27% of the worldwide medical care footprint. "More and more, we are hearing directly from hospitals that they understand the negative consequence their environmental footprint can have on their patient population," said Hannah Anderson, Medline sustainability specialist. "There is a culture change happening to find ways to make their supply chain more sustainable. Being a primary medical supplier partner, we are well positioned to help customers develop meaningful and actionable strategies to improve the health of patients in the communities they serve through sustainability." Green products portfolio Medline is introducing a new web page to help make it easier for healthcare providers to find and purchase green products. The company currently has over 40 unique product types that meet Medline's Green Product Portfolio Standards, which are informed by Kaiser Permanente's Environmentally Preferred Purchasing guidelines, the Federal Trade Commission's Green Guides, and the Environmental Protection Agency's guidelines. Hospitals can explore products within three key focus areas: Environmental services: From wipes to disinfectants, Medline's green options are Green Seal certified and contain fewer chemicals of concern to help minimize the risk of harm to human health and the environment. Healthcare essentials: Essential products like patient gowns, dinnerware and even plastic cups, are consumed at a rapid rate within healthcare. These green essentials products are designed to incorporate more sustainable materials. Perioperative care: Operating rooms produce more than 2,000 tons of waste per day. Medline's suite of products including surgical towels, procedural trays and fluid management systems help minimize waste in a cost-effective manner. Reducing product-packaging waste The Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council estimates that 2,800 to 3,500 tons of plastic packaging product waste is generated daily by U.S. healthcare facilities. To help reduce material use and waste, Medline is unveiling a Sustainable Packaging Lab, a cross-functional group consisting of employees who specialize in research and development, engineering, packaging and product design. The group will tackle packaging waste from every step of the process and aims to complete and roll out four new projects by the end of 2021. About Medline Medline is a healthcare company: a manufacturer, distributor and solutions provider focused on improving the overall operating performance of healthcare. Medline works with both the country's largest healthcare systems and independent facilities across the continuum of care to provide the clinical and supply chain resources required for long-term financial viability in delivering high quality care. With the size of one of the country's largest companies and the agility of a family-owned business, Medline is able to invest in its customers for the long-term and rapidly respond with customized solutions. Headquartered in Northfield, Ill., Medline has 27,000+ employees worldwide, a fleet of nearly 1,000 trucks and does business in more than 90 countries.

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