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Avaneer Health Launches Decentralized Platform for Healthcare

Avaneer Health Launches

Avaneer Health, a trusted and secure digital network catering to the healthcare sector, recently announced that it has initiated its private, peer-to-peer network with various distinguished healthcare organizations.

By utilizing a single connection to Avaneer Network, all stakeholders can efficiently collaborate and exchange real-time data, resulting in a seamless healthcare administration process and an improved healthcare experience for all parties involved.

The healthcare industry has long been grappling with the issues of fragmented data silos, complex point-to-point connections, technology debt, incomplete information, and manual processes. Addressing these challenges, Avaneer Network has designed a secure healthcare data fabric to streamline the healthcare ecosystem. As the first-of-its-kind peer-to-peer network that caters exclusively to healthcare, it fosters connectivity among payers, providers, and innovators to enhance care delivery, optimize costs as well as improve outcomes.

Avaneer Health network streamlines the revenue cycle and reduces costs while enhancing data security and protection. Moreover, it encourages innovation and collaboration, providing an ideal platform for all stakeholders to collaborate and work toward transforming the healthcare landscape.

Avaneer Network will soon include a real-time adjudication application that will significantly accelerate the process and accuracy of submitting and adjudicating healthcare claims. This development is expected to provide a streamlined and efficient workflow, which will ultimately benefit all stakeholders involved in the healthcare industry.

About Avaneer Health

Avaneer Health is a secure digital network and platform that simplifies healthcare administration by connecting, collaborating, and providing real-time data access. Its decentralized network provides healthcare data transparency and interoperability through innovative technologies. The company collaborates with industry stakeholders and technology vendors to launch solutions that streamline administrative operations and improve healthcare.




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