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AscellaHealth's Specialty & Rare Pipeline Digest™: FDA Approval Status for Specialty Drug Product Launches and Cell & Gene Therapies Unveiled


AscellaHealth, a global healthcare and specialty pharmacy solutions organization, today released its Q2 2023 Specialty & Rare Pipeline Digest™, the industry’s most comprehensive resource on new, pending and projected Specialty and Rare Disease drug launches, and cell and gene therapies, biosimilars and generics. This complimentary, valuable source of industry information supports the specialty drug market needs of stakeholders and decision-makers including pharmaceutical manufacturers, payers and providers, with essential updates on products that are making an impact for millions of individuals living with or affected by rare disease or complex chronic conditions.

“As an industry-leading, global healthcare and specialty pharmacy solutions organization, my team researched, annotated and compiled these critically important updates, timely information, statistics and facts to support our clients and partners and other industry stakeholders,” says Andy Szczotka, PharmD, chief pharmacy officer, AscellaHealth.

Dea Belazi, president & CEO, AscellaHealth, adds, “We are proud to empower all market stakeholders with key data and insights that guide the industry. The dedicated work of pharmaceutical manufacturers to launch innovative therapies complemented by the efforts of payers and providers to ensure affordability and treatment availability are so commendable.”

AscellaHealth provides end-to-end, customized solutions to all industry stakeholders, namely patients, life sciences manufacturers, payers and providers to improve medication access, optimize clinical outcomes and enhance the patient journey. Services include:

  • Pre-Commercialization & Market Access
  • Exclusive Distribution, Wholesale, and 3PL Services
  • International Specialty Pharmacy Fulfillment including Limited Distribution Drugs
  • Comprehensive HUB and Patient Support Services
    • Custom Compliance and Persistency Programs
    • Streamlined Prior Authorizations
    • Technology-based Patient Engagement
    • Integrated Copay and Financial Assistance Programs
  • Real-time Rx Data and Analytics

Specialty Pharmacy & Medical Benefit Management

About AscellaHealth LLC

AscellaHealth, a global Healthcare & Specialty Pharmacy solutions organization, serving patients, life sciences manufacturers, payers and providers, offers a comprehensive portfolio of uniquely tailored, tech-enabled services supporting complex, chronic conditions or rare diseases that require specialty medications and/or cell and gene therapies. A recipient of numerous industry awards for innovation, and a NASP Strategic Channel Partner of the Year award winner, AscellaHealth’s best-in-class, patient-centric approach is built upon proprietary technology processes for novel programs and services to support the launch of specialty medications and proactively address multiple challenges, optimize clinical health outcomes, and improve quality of life for this patient population.



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