As One Insurance Group Launches Population Health Strategy That is Revolutionizing Healthcare

As One Insurance Group | February 25, 2022

Privately-held insurance brokerage firm As One Insurance Group ("As One") has announced the launch of its population health strategy that is already revolutionizing the healthcare industry based in Phoenix, As One has quickly achieved benchmark status in the population health world. 

Brandon Bullock, Chief Strategy Officer of As One, says, "Over the years we have seen the number of those without access to healthcare shrink, the numbers are a positive sign, 10 percent of Americans still have no access to care. We're looking to close that gap. As One is offering Health Navigator alongside its proprietary sales platform which leverages electronic processing to speed up the sales cycle."

The cutting-edge firm specializes in life, health, and ancillary insurance benefits and is making insurance simple for carriers, agents, and clients through distinct offerings including:

  • An innovative population health strategy
  • A proprietary sales platform and CRM for straight-through electronic processing
  • An impressive nationwide distribution channel
  • Advanced agent training and sales tools

"With the right tools at their fingertips, our team and agents show tremendous courage every day fighting to fix health insurance, a strong team that works as one."

J.R. Jordan, Chief Executive Officer of As One

Cost of Healthcare in America

The cost of Healthcare in the United States is a significant factor that prevents people from obtaining the necessary care or filling prescriptions. Half of U.S. adults have stated that they postponed or completely mitigated some sort of dental or health care in the past year due to the high cost. Three in 10 people have also reported not taking their necessary medicines as prescribed at some point due to the very same reason. High healthcare costs excessively affect uninsured adults and those with lower household incomes. Larger shares of U.S. adults have also reported difficulty affording different types of care, which further delays and attributes to them forgoing medical care due to the cost.

However, individuals that are covered by health insurance are not immune to the weight of healthcare costs. Almost half (46%) of those insured reported difficulty affording out-of-pocket expenses, and 27% had reported difficulty in being able to afford their deductible. Difficulty paying medical bills has resulted in significant consequences for U.S. families. Medical bill problems are also disproportionately affecting those adults in households where they or a member of their household has a severe health condition.

About As One Insurance Group

As One Insurance Group ("As One") is a privately held insurance brokerage based in Phoenix, Arizona, specializing in life, health, and ancillary insurance benefits. As One aims to simplify insurance by making the process straightforward and honest. With transparent product information and open communications being the norm, the company provides a range of life and health insurance products that are coupled with the tools agents and clients need to manage their needs. That includes advanced education and training, innovative technology solutions, and best-in-class service. In short, they work with and for agents, clients, and carriers together as one. 


NHS Health Check: recent research CURRENT ACTIVITY 7.4 million people have been invited for an NHS Health Check 15 million people will be eligible for an NHS Health Check between 2015 &2018 . . . . . [ More people of an M older age, with a W A W higher risk of disease, " I I I from south Asian ethnic groups and poorer groups are having a check.


NHS Health Check: recent research CURRENT ACTIVITY 7.4 million people have been invited for an NHS Health Check 15 million people will be eligible for an NHS Health Check between 2015 &2018 . . . . . [ More people of an M older age, with a W A W higher risk of disease, " I I I from south Asian ethnic groups and poorer groups are having a check.

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ModMed® Acquires Maker of the Klara® Practice & Patient Collaboration Platform

ModMed | February 09, 2022

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OMNY Health | May 07, 2021

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