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There has it seems, never been a better time to be in digital health. And for medtech players involved in the design and manufacture of healthtech products, there are significant opportunities on the horizon. With the NHS continuing its drive for increased innovation, the conditions are being created to help manufacturers take advantage of the growth of healthtech in the UK. Of course, making innovative healthcare solutions is nothing new to the medtech sector, so what’s changed? Earlier this year NHS revealed its Long Term Plan. Its aim is to speed up the route by which innovation reaches the patient. Crucial to the plan is the role of the Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) – the link between academia, industry and the NHS – who have been guaranteed funding until 2023 to get innovations to patients as quickly as possible. Also playing a fundamental role is the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC). Set up in 2016, the AAC ‘brings industry, government and the NHS together to remove barriers to the uptake of innovations. This enables NHS patients to have faster access to innovations that can transform care’. The remit of the AAC has now stepped up with an over-arching function across the entire UK health innovation network, ‘providing more joined-up support for innovators and setting the strategy for innovation in the health system’. LU RAHMAN READ MORE