. https://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2019/10/why-electronic-medical-records-should-be-standardized.html
How can we possibly get to standardization in medicine? And is that a good thing? Standardized checklists save lives; rigid procedures for sterilization of equipment saves lives; universal compliance with recommended beneficial treatments saves lives. And while it’s sometimes a wonderful thing to let a surgeon solve a problem creatively or to allow a patient visit to go overtime in order to let the full story come out, for many other things, standardization is worth achieving. As our massive institution moves towards a unified electronic medical record (EMR), there has been a well-meaning effort to standardize how we do things across every part, in every clinical setting. As you can imagine, this raises a lot of issues, creates a lot of resistance among those being asked to change their behaviors and how they interact with the EMR, and often an enormous amount of frustration. It is clear that as multiple voices have given input into how the “new” electronic medical record is built, and how we use it in so many different ways, that we’ve ended up with a mishmash of systems that far more often get in the way of caring for patients than really doing what we think it needs to do. FRED N. PELZMAN READ MORE