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The business of healthcare is an interesting beast. It has been described as miraculous, uncertain, opportunistic, a right, and even an art form. Semantics aside, healthcare is one of the most significant industries in any country worldwide, and represents almost 50% of America’s GDP.  Miraculous indeed.   The impact that this industry has on our lives has been largely dictated by what the government deems necessary, and the balance between what we deserve and what we can afford. You see, the government has a huge amount of influence on how and when insurance companies should pay clinicians for services or products. Private insurance uses government pay schedules to set policy and payment rules for their own plans. These ‘fee schedules’ are voluminous and complex, making them virtually impossible to understand or apply. As well as being overly bureaucratic, they are a bulwark to the progressive methods we need because they enable obfuscation by our healthcare industry. READ MORE