InVivoLink is a rapidly emerging health care technology company based in Nashville, Tn. Our care management platform optimizes care delivery for orthopedic and spine procedures. InVivoLink promotes collaboration between hospitals and physicians by providing episodic data on cost, quality, and performance. InVivoLink’s comprehensive implant registry tracks outcomes and cost data to reduce physician-preference item spend. With enterprise analytics and a patient engagement portal that empowers recovery, InVivoLink has pioneered an evidence-based technology that advances clinical excellence.


Alberta Children’s Hospital here is believed to be the only pediatric centre in the world that is successfully using a novel stem cell transplant procedure to cure children of sickle cell anemia. To date, seven girls and two boys with the genetic blood disorder have been cured through a process that first destroys the existing blood system, then grows a new system from the transplanted stem cells of a family member who is an immune match....

Decision Resources Group finds that in spite of a longstanding discrepancy between hospital and ASC (Ambulatory Surgical Center) reimbursement....

The digital x-ray market is expected to reach USD 10.46 billion by 2020 from USD 6.15 billion in 2015, at a CAGR of 11.2%. The global digital x-ray market is segmented based on application, technology, portability, type of system, end-users, price, and regions. The general radiography segment is expected to register the highest growth rate in the digital x-ray market, by application, during the forecast period. The high growth in this segment is attributed to the increasing new product launches....

Surgical patients at Midland's new hospital have had their operations deferred following a 45 per cent increase in demand for services, the Health Minister has said. In response to questions from the Opposition, Health Minister John Day confirmed to Parliament some "less urgent elective surgeries" had been rescheduled....

The opioid addiction issue in the United States is called an epidemic for a reason. It’s a growing public health and safety concern and is even beginning to impact life expectancy due to the high rate of drug overdoses attributable to opioids. In 2016, deaths from drug overdoses hit an all-time high of 63, 600. Of those overdose deaths, just over 42,000 of them were from opiates. The 2016 report represents a 21% increase in drug deaths and is the largest single-year jump ever. The CDC esti...

Worldwide, about 35 million people are living with HIV. The World Health Organization and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS plan to use an approach called “treatment as prevention” to eliminate the global pandemic, which the WHO says will have occurred when only one person out of 1,000 becomes infected each year....


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