We’re a technology company with a human touch. We believe affordable, convenient vision prescriptions are a good thing. We started Operative to provide a safe, online option for vision testing. It's a way to get prescriptions between eye exams. Eyes stay healthy. People can see clearly. It's a win-win. Our technology connects doctors and patients in new ways. Cost, time and hassle don't have to be barriers to seeing anymore.


“It was 18 years ago that my dad was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease,” says Masterchef Brett McGregor, one of the many well-known New Zealanders who are supporting the Walks 2 D'Feet MND, being held simultaneously in 12 New Zealand towns and cities againthis year. McGregor's father, a former Iron Man and Coast-to-Coaster, died of Motor Neurone Disease (MND) aged just 50. “It's changed everything since, for our mum, us brothers and especially our kids,” says McGregor. He would've been a real...

References to the Affordable Care Act — sometimes called Obamacare — have been a regular feature of the current presidential campaign season. For months, Republican candidates have pledged to repeal it, while Democrat Hillary Clinton wants to build on it and Democrat Bernie Sanders wants to replace it with a government-funded “Medicare for All” program....

In a study of those patients with advanced non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), those treated with the drug OPDIVO® (nivolumab) demonstrated improved overall survival over patients treated with the drug Taxotere® (docetaxel)....

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disorder affecting over 2 million Americans. Those patients may eventually use a new kind of therapeutic, one made from scorpion venom. A team of investigators led by Dr. Christine Beeton at Baylor College of Medicine has determined that one component out of hundreds in scorpion venom can ease the symptoms of RA in animal models; there also weren't side effects like those seen with other treatments like this one. This work has been reported in the J...

One of the major concerns of investors in AstraZeneca(LSE: AZN) in recent years has been its ability to pay dividends. That's because it has been subjected to a patent cliff, where a number of key drugs have come off-patent and with the company failing to have ready-made replacements, AstraZeneca's earnings have fallen heavily. As such, it cancelled its share buyback programme and there were fears that dividend cuts could be next. However, AstraZeneca has maintained its dividends during recent y...

Researchers in Calgary are hoping a new study will help them predict which first-time moms are at risk of developing preeclampsia early in their pregnancies 
Preeclampsia, a term for high blood pressure in pregnancy, can be fatal for mothers and their developing babies if it goes untreated. It can also lead to serious complications, including pre-term birth....



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